"You should go into Safety.  You see things that other people don't.  You can walk into a room that has already been
inspected and find things people missed."                                                               
 VP Health and Safety, Major Mining Co
"Chris is a very talented engineer.  He looks at operations and comes up with solutions that seem unusual to seasoned
operators -- but they work perfectly, saving us down time and frustration."    
Operations Shift Supervisor, Major Mining Co.
"Sales is something you'd obviously be good at as well."                                                          VP-Global Sales, Major OEM
"You have the best deductive analytical skills I've ever encountered."                                               CEO, Junior Mining Co.
"Within a month of coming here, he saved our bacon with <Major Mining Co.>."                                     VP-HR, Major OEM
"I commend you on the outstanding leadership you exercised during the <Project> ... Thank you for a job superbly done."
                                                                                                                               Fmr. Chief Metallurgist, Major Mining Co
"You are a champion."                                                                                                               Fmr. CEO, Major Mining Co.
"I would like to make known Chris' efforts in support of <Major Mining Co.> and their <equipment>.  Chris has really
stepped in and assisted me in supporting <them> on their issues and questions regarding the <equipment>.  He has
been very responsive of any request made to him and has gone well out of his way to provide the best customer support I
have witnessed since joining <OEM> over 2 years ago.  <They are> obviously a huge customer for us and currently in
need of our support due to some difficult times there while struggling to make up lagging production.  I know both <they>
and I appreciate his efforts and value his being a part of the <OEM> team!"
                                                                                                             Regional Manager, Aftermarket Sales, Major OEM
"The <Name Withheld> Project you kicked off was, during high copper prices, worth a billion dollars per year to the
  Fmr. VP-Mine Technology, Major Mining Co
"Arguably the best concentrate mill engineer in the western world is available to help optimize your process now. Due to
widespread industry downsizing, Chris Mapes' unique blend of world-class experience and proven engineering
excellence is on the market...You know that a hundred average engineers can never produce the kind of process
optimization and technology implementation breakthroughs that one brilliant engineer will. Save yourself thousands, if not
millions; hire the best one now!"
   Fmr. Sr. Eng., Process Economics, Acquisitions & Project Financial Analysis, Major Mining Co
Mineral Processing Solutions
Christopher B. Mapes, Met. Eng.
"You're the best speaker/presenter among us."                                            Fmr. Sr. Research Engineer, Major Mining Co.
"Boy, do we ever miss you here!!! <Corp.> has never been the same without you!"                       Director, Non-Profit Corp.
"Very high energy; quick study; attention to detail."                                                Fmr. Chief Metallurgist, Major Mining Co
"I found him to be reliable and enthusiastic...tackles all assignments with dedication...a take charge person...present[s]
challenges and ideas...successfully written several Technical papers...facilitated in customer onsite testing, and field
sampling campaigns.  During his tenure, we were able to gather field operating data, which was a result of the plans
implemented by Chris.  Chris was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing
technical papers for industry seminars,Chris assumed a presenter role in the seminars as well...He is a team player and
would make a difference to any organization."                                                                                       
Director, Major OEM
Written recommendations from all professional employers available upon request